False or Misleading information. The failure to fill out all sections of this form may result in the denial of your application. Providing false or misleading information could result in denial of your rental application or termination of your rental agreement. It is our policy to disapprove the application of any person who could represent a threat and, to, or, in the health, safety, and welfare of the other residents, occupants, visitors, and staff of the apartment community. Inappropriate or abusive conduct during the application process by the Applicant or those desiring to rent an apartment will result in denial of the rental application. A copy of a valid Federal, State ID will be required with each rental application.
Equal Housing Opportunity PolicyIt is Management's policy to provide housing for all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, or disability. Management and the owner of this apartment community are Equal Housing Opportunity providers. It is also Management's policy to provide or allow reasonable accommodations and modifications to our rental policies and apartment community to persons with demonstrated disabilities. If applicable, the Applicant or Resident must provide sufficient information about the need for any such accommodation or modification and allow Management sufficient time to review and approve the same. Because the property already meets all accessibility requirements, the cost of most modifications and returning the property to normal conditions upon lease termination will be the responsibility of the Applicant or Resident. Applicant or Resident agrees to provide or supplement information regarding any such requests for accommodations or modifications promptly in writing upon management's request.
Good Faith Deposit. Applicant understands and agrees that the Good Faith Deposit and other Deposits or Non-refundable fees paid will be returned if Applicant is not accepted as Resident. Applicant will have 24 hours after submitting this application to withdraw the application and receive a full refund of the Good Faith Deposit. The notice of withdrawal must be in writing. The application fees, however, are non-refundable. If Applicant does not withdraw the application within the time specified above and Applicant is approved for occupancy, the Applicant agrees to sign a rental agreement and take possession of an apartment. If the Applicant does not withdraw the application by written notice within the time specified above and is approved for occupancy but fails or refuses to sign a rental agreement and take possession of the apartment on or before the anticipated move-in date (above), the Good Faith Deposit and other deposits or non-refundable fees shall be retained by Management as liquidated damages. Applicant acknowledges that the Good Faith Deposit is not a security deposit; however, upon signing a rental agreement, the Good Faith Deposit will be applied towards any Security Deposit or Non-Refundable Fees specified in the Rental Agreement. In the event Applicant defaults under the terms of this Application, Applicant acknowledges that Management shall keep the Good Faith Deposit and other deposits and non-refundable fees as liquidated damages, which are compensation for holding the apartment off the market. Applicant agrees that the amount of lost rent in holding the apartments off the market is unknown and that this provision is intended as a good faith estimate of Management's damages in the event of Applicant's default. The Good Faith Deposit does not constitute a security deposit. Have paid the deposit and fees noted on the Rental Receipt attached to the Rental Application.
Rental Qualification CriteriaApplicant understands and agrees that the rental application will be reviewed using business judgment, decisional criteria, or a combination of those systems. In order to qualify for housing, the Applicant must have good rental, credit, and criminal background histories. Applicant must demonstrate the financial ability to afford the apartment under Management's rental qualification criteria. A Co-signer or Guarantor is not a substitute for unacceptable rental, credit or criminal background histories. Poor rental history because of disapproval of Co-signer's roommate or Guarantor's application or because of a prior history of late payments, lease violations, failure to give proper notice, or damages exceeding normal wear and tear may result in denial of the Applicant's rental application. However, the lack of a rental history may not necessarily result in a denial of the application. While Co-Applicants (either as spouses or roommates), Co-Signer's and Guarantors may be allowed in order to meet the rental qualifications, each of those persons must meet the rental qualification criteria applicable to his or her particular rental application circumstances. Applicant must demonstrate a certain earning level or source of income, savings or assets sufficient to insure the ability of the Applicant to pay the monthly rent and living expenses, taking into account any revolving, recurring or monthly debt from credit cards and loans. Self-employed Applicants may need to provide income tax returns and other business financial records {such as income and expense statements, asset statements, and personal net worth statements). Self-employed persons and corporate renters may be required to pay an additional application fee to obtain Business Credit Report to include Dunn & Brad Street, Experian, or other reporting credit agency on themselves or their companies and submit income tax returns. Unemployed or retired Applicants may need to provide additional financial documentation of ability to pay rent.
Availability of Apartment Desired or RequestedAt the time of this application, Applicant has expressed interest in a particular floor plan or type of apartment and may have requested occupancy of a specified apartment, which was shown and listed as the desired unit and occupancy date above. Management cannot guarantee that the particular unit desired would be available on the date requested by the Applicant, as there are many variables, which could result in delay or unavailability of the apartment unit. Applicant agrees to take occupancy of a comparable apartment offered by Management that reasonably matches the Applicant's desired floor plan and move in date. Applicant understands that Management may not be able to provide the desired apartment, floor plan, or move-in date Applicant changes his or her planned or expected move-in date. Unavailability of the desired apartment on the desired date does not relieve Applicant from his or her contractual obligations under this agreement. Management will not be held liable for any cost incurred by the Applicant during a delay, including without limitation additional rent, mover rescheduling fee, or storage.
Property DamageApplicant understands and agrees to fully reimburse Management for all property damage, ordinary wear and tear expected.
Applicant's Rental Decision. Applicant has either asked about or reviewed the Apartment Rental Agreement and Addendums, which he or she is expected to sign upon approval of this application. Applicant agrees that he or she has fully questioned Management regarding any important information about rental of an apartment at this community. Applicant is satisfied with the responses to his or her questions and is fully informed as to all information needed to make his or her decision to apply for an apartment. Applicant understands that not all apartments in the community have line of sight to receive satellite communications and that Management cannot guarantee high-speed Internet access or cellular signals. Applicant understands that there are limitations on the number of persons who may occupy an apartment unit, usually expressed as the HUD approved standard, which allows Management to limit occupancy to no more than two persons per bedroom or sleeping space. Applicant understands and agrees that he or she must pay for all utilities and services supplied to the apartment, including, but not limited to water and waste water, sanitation, pest control, electricity, natural gas, cable, phone and other telecommunication services. Applicant is aware that any rental concessions offered may be available only for limited times and that Applicant must comply with all conditions required to receive the concession without having to be responsible for reimbursing Management for the rental value of the concession. Such conditions include fully completing the expected term of the agreement without defaulting under the lease and without using any early termination provision. Applicant has had the opportunity to ask questions about the existence of crime in the apartment community and fully understands that Management and the Owner of the apartment community does not provide security or security devises which are intended to detect, deter, or report crimes committed. Applicant understands and agrees that there are limitations on the size, number and type of motor vehicles or other transportation, boats, trailers, and equipment, which may be used or stored on the apartment property. Only authorized motor vehicles may be used or parked on the property. In general, no apartment may have more than two automobiles per apartment unit; however, Applicant has specifically inquired about and understands the content of parking rules and regulations he or she will be expected to sign approved for occupancy. Applicant fully understands that any false or misleading information provided to Management during the rental application process could lead to termination or eviction from the apartment community at a later date after taking occupancy once Management learns that the information provided was false, misleading, or inaccurate. The specification of a particular apartment as the one desired by Applicant does not constitute a representation or promise by Management that the apartment specified would in fact be available on the desired date. Applicant acknowledges and accepts Management rights of access and/or to enter the unit for pest control, fire safety, etc. conditions that may apply. Management may notify Applicant either verbally or in writing once the application has been approved. After Applicant has been approved or after Management has notified Applicant that an apartment is ready for occupancy, Applicant must promptly sign a lease and take occupancy of the apartment in order to avoid losing the good faith deposit and non-­ refundable fees.
Authorization for Management to Verify Rental Application and Obtain Credit ReportThe above information is complete and correct. I understand that Management will rely on the information provided in making a decision to accept, conditionally accept or deny my rental application. Applicant authorizes Management and its agents to verify the information provided by pulling my credit file and criminal records and contacting my current and former employers and landlords. Applicant releases Management and any third parties who provide information to verify this application from all liability, claims and lawsuits with regard to the information obtained, regardless of the source. Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Management, its agents, current or prior landlord, current or prior employer, and all other persons whosoever provide information, regardless of whether the information provided is negative.
Authorization to Obtain Credit Report, a Criminal Background Report and Other Information in Connection with Collection of a DebtApplicant agrees that management or any collector retained by management is expressly authorized at any time to obtain consumer report (credit report) or criminal background report on Applicant and to obtain information on Applicant's location and employment in connection with the collection of any amounts or damages claimed due from Applicant as a resident under any rental agreement with management. Any employers, banks, landlords, businesses, consumer reporting agencies, or other third parties are entitled to reply on the undersigned authorization and cooperate in providing the requested information to assist in collection of any debt owed by Applicant as a resident under any rental agreement. Applicant authorizes any notices or demands for payment to be mailed to Applicant in care of contact persons named in Section 7 above. Applicant understands that property will furnish positive rental payment data to credit reporting agencies during the term of your lease.